Carmen by Valentino Monticello

"Tempus Fugit" - "Time Flies"

The mythical winged horse, Pegasus, is obviously a central emblem to this top flight napa valley vineyard. It has been used in the creation of the vineyard name, Clos Pegase, and as an emblem on the label. It reflects the vineyards marriage of wine making as both an art and a science.

The title of the picture is "Tempus Fugit" or "Time Flies" which is both a reference to the winged horse and to the large clock. You could get creative by suggesting alternative titles such as "Time Flies at harvest time" or "Time stands still when you are drinking Clos Pegase wine".

The art collection is very extensive at Clos Pegase and the owner Jan Schrem using the beautiful images on the wine labels. Rather that trying to incorporate many of the labels within a complex flower picture, Valentino has allowed them space to shine on their own with simplicity, and symetry.

Detail from the main picture depicted by the great 19th-Century French artist Odilon Redon, is the winged horse, Pegasus, his front hooves rearing toward the heavens, his back hooves firmly planted right here on earth.

Detail from the main picture showing a nude woman providing support for the clock face.

Original picture
Actual size of Orginal
23.5 inches x 29.5 inches 60cm x 75cm

This Picture is available. Please contact me for further information

Signed Giclee print ........$595.00.........345.00........480.00 euros

10% of the selling price of these prints will be donated to Napa Valley Auctions. This edition is limited to 195 pieces, each one being signed and numbered by the artist.
Mounted on conservation grade matting, cellophane wrapped and with a certificate of authenticity. The quality of the printing is superb. All the details that are so vital in Valentino's work can be clearly seen.

Actual size of the image
40cm x 50cm 16 inches x 20 inches

Overall size including the mount
60cm x 70cm 24 inches x 28 inches


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