Francesca da Rimini

Francesca da Rimini by Zandonai

Francesca da Rimini

The story takes place in the Italian cities of Ravenna and Rimini. Francesca is betrothed to Gianciotto in a politically advantageous union between two families. However, it is feared that Francesca will refuse the match if she meets the ugly, malformed Gianciotto before the marriage day. As an act of subterfuge, it is arranged for Gianciotto's handsome younger brother, Paolo to meet with Francesca and let her think that it is he, not Gianciotto, she is to marry.

The scene depicted in the picture is from Act two of the Opera. The castle is being attacked by supporters of the Imperial party known as the "Ghibellinnes" and defended by the Church Party known as the "Guelphs". Francesca, now married to Gianciotto is chiding Paolo about the deception carried out before the wedding. Paolo is in love with Francesca but before he can do anything about it, he has to depart for Florence as the newly elected Captain of the People and Commune of Florence.

In the final acts, Paolo returns from Florence and seduces Francesca, only for their liaison to be betrayed by Malatestino, Gianciotto's youngest brother, who informs his older brother who kills the lovers.

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