Giovanni Gallurese

Giovanni Gallurese

Giovanni Gallurese by Montemezzi "Gallura" is an old Italian name for Sardinia and the native people of "Gallura" call themselves "Gallurese". Hence the Giovanni of the title is a native Sardinian.

This statement has some significance because the Opera is staged in the 17th Century during the occupation of the island of Sardinia by the Spanish. The resistance is organised by the Gallurese of whom Giovanni is one of the leaders.

The scene depicted comes from Act Two of the Opera. It shows a typical Italian Piazza or square, a Church and a Tavern. Rivegas a Spaniard and as such, an enemy of Giovanni, is in the Tavern drinking with some friends. The two have recently fought over a woman called Maria. Giovanni arrives with his compatriot Bastiano, Maria greets them. The townsfolk enter the Church and sing to St Antonio.

Original picture
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39.5 inches x 35.5 inches 100cm x 90cm

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Signed limited edition of 195 pieces, signed and numbered by the artist.
Mounted on conservation grade matting, cellophane wrapped and with a certificate of authenticity. The quality of the printing is superb. All the details that are so vital in Valentino's work can be clearly seen.

Actual size of the image
40cm x 50cm 16 inches x 20 inches

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60cm x 70cm 24 inches x 28 inches


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