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Telephone/Fax (+44) 1925 650931

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Mailto: markgoucher07@aol.co.uk

The pictures are located in London, England. Delivery is World Wide by Courier.

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More information about the Orginals and Prints by Valentino Monticello

The Originals are great! If you live in London or are visiting the capital, you should arrange to see the real thing. Images placed on this website, although quite good, do not do justice to the colours, detail and the depth of field that is achieved with the originals.

Valentino carefully cuts out individual labels by hand, it takes some time. What he also does, and which is concealed by his art, is to adjust the labels for the perspective. So a label will be enlarged or lenghtened the closer to the viewer it is.

The signed limited edition pictures by using a new type of giclee process are of an exceptional quality.

This state of the art process is called "Goutelette" meaning "droplet" in French. The real advance is that the printing process does not have to rely on coated papers. Goutelette's are printed onto acid free calcium carbonate buffered achival watercolourpaper. Each individual sheet of paper takes about 90 minutes to print and the machines have to checked and re-set each time.

Every image is checked for colour by an expert in their field. The results are superb. Not only are the colours beautifully captured, the crispness of the details of the individual figures and labels is maintained. You will find yourself irresistibly drawn back to the picture time after time.

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